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Remote & Virtual

We have ad-hoc experts to compliment our core teams. Web platforms have allowed a vast number of specialists to offer their services independently. We hire top-tier experts, often for just a few hours at a time, to get fresh eyes on a project and talk about high level solutions or to troubleshoot a specific challenge.

With staff in different timezones, our clients in different timezones love our 24/7/365 availability!


We weave powerful technologies through your business. At 66 we solve problems with applied technology. Having cut our teeth in the cost-slashing world of early stage start-ups, we are passionate about delivering high value and ROI for our clients. We have thought deeply about dedicated home offices and have developed novel solutions that minimize overhead and maximize results. Take advantage of our competitive pricing for top-tier service. With the flexibility to live anywhere and set their own hours, we attract great developers and engineers! Technology for video communication, screen sharing, project and issue prioritization and tracking, productivity and analytics mean staff collaborating remotely is the best of both worlds.


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AJAX + JS + HTML + CSS = 66


App-style design & high performance interfaces with elegant and secure server API.

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Affordable and Dedicated


Cloud configuration, server maintenance and office support.

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We'll be your Ringer


Mitigate risk, maximize value. Keep everyone honest, put Sixty-Six in your corner.

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Shared Codebase + Many Devices = Save Time & Money


Cross-platform design; consistent look and feel across iOS/Android apps and mobile browsers.

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First Principle Approach


Streamline to scale, eliminate human error, save time and money.


Modern Web

App-style design & high performance interfaces with elegant and secure server API.

At Sixty-Six we are constantly testing and experimenting with the latest proven web interface and server technologies! We believe that interesting, fun and pleasing design translates to happier and more engaged customers for our clients.

Most design companies are entrenched and invested in outdated technology and methodology to maintain their margins. At Sixty-six, we take the opposite approach because our passion for continuous improvement demands it. Our nimble, bright and talented designers dedication to leveraging technology advancement means that we are always evolving our stack offerings. However, when it comes to cutting edge versus bleeding edge, we only adopt robust and validated technologies.

It's an exciting time for the web with support for outdated, feature limited browsers rarely being required on new projects. Decent graphics performance of even older mobile devices means buttery smooth interfaces are available to those who know how to leverage the technologies.

When compared with a traditional website, under the hood, our design is more like a pre-installed app. The user interface items load ahead, in the background, before you need them and are saved for the next time the user visits. This translates to virtually instantaneous navigation through the site pages and features. Say goodbye to waiting and watching a page re-assemble every time you click.

Of course, some actions do require additional server communication. Websites designed to be app-like also mean that less work is done on the server and more is done by the browser. So, you spend less on your server and get a higher performance, scalable website your users will love!

IT Support

Affordable and dedicated fidelity to your team.

We provide dedicated staff to your team and get to know everyone (and all PC's and devices) personally. No support ticket to fill out, just a direct line available when you need it.

By offering support at a fixed monthly fee, our incentive is to make sure our client's computers and systems are as reliable and easy to use as possible. This dovetails with our client's goals of minimizing downtime, maximizing productivity and controlling unexpected costs.

Issue Resolution: We come on-site, determine the cause and fix it.

Help Desk: Using secure remote screen sharing, we walk the user through their problem, diagnose any faults and help the user avoid the problem in the future.

Remote Management: We will remotely monitor your systems on a day to day basis, respond to events, manage backup, patching, updates and security.

VOIP Systems: We also help clients evaluate and deploy VOIP phone systems. These have virtually replaced traditional phones for new phone deployments and can be a cost effective replacement for existing systems - not only reducing the monthly phone bill, but adding many useful features.

Security and Backup: These are the two most overlooked, yet critical areas for many clients. We will test for vulnerabilities, assess status and where needed make recommendations for change.

IT Management and Consulting: We work with our clients to establish a coherent IT management strategy and employee policies.

IT Consulting & P.M.

Let us represent you on your next project!

The technology infrastructure that underlies most businesses is critical to get right. Without a solid foundation, your staff will struggle to build successful results for your clients. An issue as small as a printer frequently needing service can interrupt concentration and hurt productivity. In this simple example, we would have invested more resources than you might typically expect to research and review printers to find the optimal performance and reliability for your requirements!

Many small to medium sized businesses do not have IT experts on staff. Fill in or add to this gap in expertise by bringing us on board. We work closely with clients to develop project requirements and gain a deep understanding of the problem. We often bring in our own outside experts short-term to get additional eyes on a problem and brainstorm many solutions to ensure we arrive at the best one.

We typically continue on in a project management capacity, or to stay in the loop and work with in-house managers to ensure results match specifications. The ROI from our involvement comes from iterating solutions before investing in full scale implementation. Save time and money, on-going.

Mobile Design

We specialize in cross-platform, single code-base solutions.

There are many new technologies and avenues to a successful cross-platform mobile solution. Save development time and costs with a shared code-base. Give customers a consistent user experience across iOS and Android, phones and tablets. We have tested many technologies to come up with a platform of tools that consistently deliver exceptional mobile apps and webpages. Let us leverage these tools to design your next project!

Process Automation

Streamline sets of repetitive tasks into automatic processes!

Bring us in for a free evaluation of processes and work-flows. We sit down with staff and go through routine tasks with them, drilling into some in high detail. We return with solutions for automatable processes, sorted by ROI. There are always low hanging fruit, hire us to help you pick them!